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i thought he was great

until last night, he ended it said we should brake up until we had more time for each other? whats that mean? He the one thats alwasy busy with everything! Football everyday then basketball at night. I'm always up for hanging out but HE never has time. No, im not mad but im sad that he turned into everthing he said he wouldn't be. I may be 14  and not really know what love is but i can feel heart break which is what is going on now. We might not have dated even a full month(3days away from it) but i really like him. He was so sweet and everytime i got a text from him my eyes lit up and a smile apeared on my face. I feel hollow inside. Things were starting to get better too. Over the past 2 tah 3 years i have bulit walls not just around my heart but around everything that is normal i can hold on too. Which there isn't much i dont have a normal life or a normal all. I maybe just be 14 but i know more then any 14 year old should ever have to know..And well he started to make me smile again because honestly it used to be really hard to smile and im not kidding it was so hard at times when i couldnt smile i was just start to cry beacuse i couldnt get one. i wonder what tommorrow holds?
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