auddieakb (auddieakb) wrote,

What can i say?

My bestfriend took me camping the past 3 days
wow it was just what i needed for real!!
it really got my mind off my ex.
we went swimming everyday in the lake
the water was cool and relaxing
it was tons of fun
Her family is just so diffrent from mine
they laugh together and make jokes and eat all at the same time
and they talk to us. its werid. but i like it
and today as we were getting ready to leave a boy he texted me
someone i met the same way as i met my ex allen.
summer gym.
his name was kelly
he was a swimmer.
and used to like him and well kinda did
now i asked if he liked me like like liked me
he said ya.
who knows what the future holds?
today was ok but what will happen tommorrow?

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