auddieakb (auddieakb) wrote,

Writer's Block: Take a (second) chance on me

Have you ever given a friend or partner a second chance? What were the consequences? Any regrets?

yes, i thought this girl was my best friend.. well she was until we got into fights. things started to crumble when i started dating a guy she didnt like we were all hanging out and she got really whiney and i said stop acting like that or go home.she went home and started a fwd message telling the whole school we were dating....i forgave her until another fight where she told everyone i had sent naked pictures out..not true..after a long time i just forgave her last weekish until she told my now ex bf i was cheating on him which i hadn't at all. I relize now if i wouldn't have forgave her in the first place none of this would have happend. sometimes you just cant forgive someone for hurting you
Tags: writer's block
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